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Sheila Bennett,


I have had the pleasure of serving customers since October of 2013.  My success to this point is because of my faith in God and support of my family and friends.

I started the business with every intention of making natural hair product for my own and that turned into a hair/skin care business with only two fragrances of Shea Butter and now I have a product line of over 20+ fragrances with accompanying shower gel, soap, and body spray products.  

I enjoy the many testimonies of hair and skin restoration.  My product is designed for customers to enjoy the aromas of the product for the entire day.  I understand that I am in business to satisfy my customers and that serves as my personal motivation and credo for my business.        

Business Vision

Every customer will experience improved hair care and skin care results from using Shondo’s Shea butter and associated products.  


Business Mission Statement  

Produce a line of natural hair care and skin products that provide the highest quality results in hair care and skin maintenance.  This product was created to transform damaged hair and under-nourished skin to a healthy, moisturized condition.

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